Product Details
Ranges 0.125″ W.C. to 1″ W.C. (30 to 250 Pa)
Uni- or bi-directional pressure ranges
Three selectable pressure ranges for each W.C. & Pa. (Analog)
Two jumper selectable pressure ranges for BACnet
24 Vac/dc power supply standard
Available options include an LCD display and a relay output (Included on BACnet model)


The ULP Ultra Low Pressure Transducer is used to measure differential pressure in the ranges of 0.125″W.C. to 1″W.C. (30 to 250 Pa). It combines precision high sensitivity silicon sensing capabilities and the latest ASIC technology with Dynamic Self Compensation to substantially reduce offset errors due to changes in temperature, stability to warmup, long term instability and position sensitivity. It is ideal for monitoring pressure for air and other clean inert gas and is limited only to those media which will not attack silicon, nylon and epoxy adhesive. The ULP features a selectable uni- or bi-directional pressure range and output signal types for the most flexible applications. An optional on-board relay output, which is field adjustable, allows for an alarm function. Additional available options include a LCD and a static pressure probe.