Product Details
High rated SPDT contacts
Adjustable setpoint
Adjustable Differential
Direct switching of 240 Vac loads
Full mechanical switching


The WPG-G-PS3 pressure switch is a cost effective pressure monitoring solution for liquids and non aggressive gases. The compact design and rugged construction makes the WPS-G suitable for monitoring pumps, valves, etc. The unit has an adjustable setpoint with adjustable differential and comes complete with a dial to show the liquid pressure The WPG-D-FD113 differential pressure switch is a low cost effective pressure monitoring solutionfor liquids and non-aggresive gases. The unit is designed for both flow proving and flow failure detection to cover the range of 0.3 to 4.5 Bar (4.35 to 65.25 Psi). Approximate setpoint can be viewed on the dial at the front of the unit.
WPS-G-PS3 – Liquid Static Pressure Switch.
WPS-D-FD113 – Liquid Differential Pressure Switch.