Product Details



Technical Specification
– Ultrasonic technology (no mechanical moving parts)
– Accuracy class 2 acc. EN 1434
– Manufacturer approval H1 acc. MID (European   Measurement Instrument Directive)
– Energy meter consist of flow part, calculator and   temperature sensor
– The energy meter shall be calibrated as one unit acc.   EN1434
– Nominal flow 0,6; 1,5; 2,5 m³/h
Flow part:
– Mounting in return
– Pressure range: PN16 / Pn25
– min. temperature: 5°C
– No straightening section before and after the flow part
– mounting in any direction
– flow sensor for cooling application in IP65 (protected US   sensors)
– max flow rate shall be 2x nominal flow rate (permanent)
– Dynamic range min.: nominal (qi:qp) 1:100
– Split version with 1.5m control cable (calculator can be   separated from the flow part)
– Battery life time: 11 year
– Standard communication: M-bus acc. EN1434-3
– Environmental class A (EN 1434)
– Min. temperature difference Dt:3°K
– Temperature range: 5°C-150°C
– Monthly values shall be stored for 15 month
– The actual data shall be stored every hour in an eeprom   memory.
– The calculator shall be equipped with an optical interface   acc. EN 62056-21:2002
Temperature sensor:
– Sensor type Pt500 acc. EN 60751, removable
– Temperature range: 0°C-130°C