Product Details

Converts airspeed into a 4 – 20mA or a 0 – 10 VDC signal
Linear output signal
Made with corrosion resistant material
Fully electronic registration of air¬ow speed
AC or DC voltage supply
Compensates for changes of air temperature
Telescopic sensor facilitates installation
Temperature output signal 0 – 10 VDC
Fuse protected


ESF-35-2: ESF is an airflow transducer with a broad application area. It can be used for control, surveillance, and regulation of the flow rate in fresh-air and ventilation systems, etc.
The airflow transducer ESF-35-2 is installed in such a way that the current of air passes through the gap of the sensor head. Conductors to and from the transducer should be kept isolated from high-power conductors where powerful transient voltage spikes may appear.
The ESF-35-2 transducer registers the airflow speed according to a thermal principle based on the fact that the cooling action of air increases with airspeed. The action is measured and converted to a 4 – 20mA or a 0 – 10 V signal corresponding to airflow speeds from 0 – 8 m/s (0 – 1575 ft/min) or 0 – 16 m/s (0 – 3150 ft/min).